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Feature of project-based forwarding
Our customers, especially engineering & construction companies tend to receive orders from clients on the basis of Lump-Sum Turn Key method. Therefore, it is very important to deliver required equipment and materials to job-site just in time with controlled safe manner for the successful execution of the project. Otherwise the time of completion shall be delayed seriously.
Customer’s matters of concern in project-based forwarding
- Rapid response and proposal of solution by the forwarder when urgent transportation is required.
- Rearrangement of shipping schedule complying with each revised manufacturing schedule.
- Forwarder’s ability to deal with various styles of heavy cargo.
- Forwarder’s efforts to prevent theft and damage of shipped items.
   (Sometimes it takes too long time to re-transport required things in case of order-made items)
- Forwarder’s efforts to reduce added transportation cost occurred by emergency situation.
- Forwarder’s accurate, timely reporting and documents handling.
- Forwarder’s consulting and best suggestion to solve the transportation problems.
- Minimization of customs clearance time.

To satisfy customer’s needs, a forwarding company that has various experiences and is specialized in Project-based forwarding is required.
Why Hyupjin?
Since its foundation in 1987, Hyupjin has given itself to executing project-based forwarding.
Based on accumulated experience and know-how for about 20 years, Hyupjin has established best solution and secured the name of leading company with competent man power in this particular area. Also worldwide forwarding partner network of Hyupjin leads you to have more convenient and efficient working process. Please do not hesitate to meet its qualified services wherever you are, whatever you do.