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Customs Clearance
Customs clearance is one of the key elements of forwarding procedure. By timely monitoring the latest import and export compliance laws and regulations, all aspects of the customs and ship conditions, shipping volume and other various conditions (stipulated in L/C, P/O etc. between buyers and sellers) Hyupjin Shipping proposes optimum solution to the customers. For the customers, Hyupjin Shipping tries to get the cargo in time by checking vendor’s manufacturing status. In addition, Hyupjin Shipping can prepare import & export documents to properly declare customer's shipment to customs such as Certification of Origin, Inspection Report, Government Approval Certificate and so on.
Duty exemption
While performing various overseas project, Hyupjin Shipping could accumulate the data to get duty exemption for projects and the skill to get the lower duty rate for individual cargoes. Especially, we can guide you what has to be done to get duty exemption in the following countries.

Mexico : Regular Segunda
Thailand : BOI / Single Tariff
Malaysia : Ranpiran
Saudi Arabia : DEL
Middle East Countries